Duck Herding

Duck herding is one of the most popular country pursuit activities we offer. Perfect for corporate away days, team building & incentives, as well as private events such as weddings, hen parties and “big birthdays”.

An engaging hands on experience, you and your guests will be given demonstrations and tuition by our award winning shepherd before trying your hand at shepherding the ducks and geese around a simple obstacle course.

Armed only with a shepherd’s crook and six very enthusiastic sheep dogs, you must pilot your poultry around the obstacle course and into their pen.


Ideally our duck herding event requires a venue with an outdoor area of approximately 120′ x 120′ (though smaller areas can be accommodated).

We’ve worked in a wide variety of hotels, sports clubs and private grounds and would be happy to recommend a suitable venue near you.

What's Included?

Our shepherd will bring everything required to run a successful geese herding session.

Gazebo/shelter, pens, gates, obstacles, a selection of shepherd’s crooks for your guests and of course ducks or geese, along with some beautiful and well behaved (most of the time) Border Collie dogs.

Duck Herding Hire FAQs

How does the duck herding experience work?
Your duck herding session will start with the shepherd introducing the six border collie dogs (the perfect herding dog!) and the Indian runner ducks or grey geese. Your award winning shepherd will then give a short demonstration of the dogs & ducks in action and their very different personalities and contribution to the herding of the ducks or geese.

All the time your shepherd will be giving constant advice, tips and skills necessary to control the dogs.

You and your fellow guests will then be given the opportunity to control the dogs and herd the ducks through a variety of gates, obstacles and back into the pen, all the time under the guidance of the shepherd.

The session is designed to be fun, entertaining, slightly competitive and informative.

How many people participate at a time?
For participation events (weddings, corporate events, country pursuits experiences, private parties and team building events we would suggest groups of 6-12 at a time, running for 30 minutes to an hour.

For arena events, we can run this for 100’s of specatators at any one time, all we require is an arena, and a PA system.

Do you bring your duck herding hire to our chosen venue?
We travel to your chosen venue with all equipment necessary to run a successful duck herding event experience to all manner of venues in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, West Sussex, Dorset, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire. We can and do travel further afield but this will incur additional travel costs.
What are the requirements for the duck/geese herding hire at our chosen venue?
We require a flat level grassed area of 25 metres x 25 metres. Away from any other livestock. Obviously you may well have other requirements for food, drink accommodation etc. We regularly wok at hotels and sports grounds throughout the UK.
I’m over enthusiastic and I want to do some homework before I attend one of your events!
I’m interested in the welfare of the animals/foul
There are very strict laws & guidelines in the safety & welfare of the foul, some good resources are:
RSPCA Website
Government Animal Welfare Recommendations
Our ducks and geese when not ‘working’, are kept on an open range farm, we truly believe they enjoy their lifestyle.
The dogs talk for themselves (although not literally), they have bright coats and without doubt you will see they enjoy what they do. Have a quick look at this link to see why we use this breed of dog – Kennel Club.
What dogs do you use for the duck herding hire experience?

We bring along several Border Collie dogs. The Border Collie is a herding and working breed. The goto dog for herding livestock, they are intelligent, keen and energetic making this breed of dog a herder’s best friend. Our Border Collies love their work and would love to be part of your next event. 

Is the duck herding experience suitable for my country sports day?

We run our duck herding for all manner of events. We regularly attend corporate events and a give hands on team building experience. As well as private events, parties, shows and more! We can cater for a handful of guests to literally 100’s at some of the larger shows we attend. 

Is the Duck Herding Hire experience suitable for my wedding?

If you’ve got the space and looking for a somewhat alternative entertainment – it most certainly is. We run a fun and engaging experience, perfect for adults and children. 


Can you run the Duck Herding Near me?

If you’ve got the space or access to the space the  answer is yes! We work at all manner of locations from private gardens, hotel grounds, club and school grounds, country estates, we’ve even worked at office grounds. If in doubt give us a shout!

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