Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is a great activity for any country pursuits inspired event. We regularly work for private or corporate clients at weddings, parties, family days and team building events. Throughout Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, West Sussex, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Under the guidance of our instructor up to 5 participants at a time shoot at the flying clays, using specially modified shotguns. Shooters scores are instantly registered on the electronic scoreboard.

For larger groups, we have three systems available – allowing 15 participants shooting at the same time. We are the only company in the UK to own and operate this many systems.

Laser Clay Shooting is fun and competitive and above all safe! Give us a try for your next event.


Ideally this event requires an outdoor area of approximately 120′ x 120′ (though smaller areas can be accommodated).

We’ve worked in a wide variety of hotels, sports clubs and private grounds and would be happy to recommend a suitable venue near you.

What's Included?

  • Event Team arrive an hour prior the event start time.
  • Shooting instructor to run a fun engaging and competitive session
  • 5 laser clay shot guns
  • 15 shooting/pegs stands
  • Lasersport Electronic Scoreboard
  • Laser Clay Trap Launcher
  • 100’s of laser clays
  • Event Shelter
  • Arena Bunting
  • Top Gear style leaderboard recording the top guns of the day.
  • Everything to run a successful laser clay pigeon shooting event.
  • We might bring along one of our gun dogs for company!

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Event Hire FAQs

How does the mobile Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting hire work?
You and your guests will be given an introduction to how your laser clay session will run, health & safety, how the real, deactivated and modified ‘laser firing’ 12 bore shot guns work, how to shoot, where & when the clays are being fired from the clay pigeon trap, when to fire and how the scoring is recorded.
Once your instructor has delivered his brief, a typical shoot will start with a 5/10 clay practice round, followed by a fun competitive round call Skill Shoot, 15 clays – 5 clays on three different stands. Scoring is recorded on the electronic scoreboard, two shots are taken out the one flying clay – 2 points “if and when hit” with your first shot and 1 point “if and when hit” with the second shot. However all scoring is recorded on the electronic scoreboard, allowing shooters to concentrate on the accuracy of the shoot.
Time dependent, your shoot instructor will organise other rounds such as rapid fire and speed shoot (a quick draw version of laser clay shooting!)
If required the session will end with your shoot instructor announcing the scores.
How many people shoot at a time?
Five guns are available, allowing up to five participants to shoot at the same clay at the same time! All scores recorded separately on the electronic scoreboard allowing participants and the instructor to monitor progress.
Is Laser Clay Shooting safe?
The guns used for laser clay shooting are modified 12 bore shotguns and fire harmless infra-red beams. No live cartridges or ammunition is used, taking away all the inherent risks associated with traditional clay shooting. No recoil, no loud shot, environmently safe and friendly. Safe for children 12 years upwards. No shooting certificate or license required.
Can you offer laser clay pigeon shooting near me?

We most certainly can we operate through out the UK running at all types of venue. We even travel to Europe on the odd occasion to run our addictive laser clay pigeon shooting events.

What are the requirements for the laser clay shooting hire at our chosen venue?
We require a flat level grassed area of 40 metres x 25 metres. We can run in tighter spaces with a few minor adjustments, but this would be subject to a site inspection.
Is laser clay shooting suitable for my upcoming event?
We run our laser clay shooting for all manner of private and corporate events, including country sports days, team building events, weddings, parties and family days.
Can Laser Clay Shooting be run indoors?
The Laser clay pigeon shooting cannot be run indoors, however we do have an indoor version available. Using all the same equipment, other than the clays and trap, instead of shooting at clays, shooters will be firing at randomly lit targets.
Can you run laser clay pigeon shooting for weddings?

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary to offer your wedding guests, laser clay shooting will definitely hit the mark!!!

Is laser clay pigeon shooting suitable for our corporate event?

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is perfect for corporate events – in fact most of the events we attend are corporate. We run two types of shooting sessions: structured team building; whereby guests are put into teams and given practice round followed by competition round.

Your instructor will record the individual and team scores. This can be run as a stand alone activity or combined with one of our many other multi activity options. We also run the mobile laser clay shooting as a “free play”, guests will come and have a go as and when they want to. This option is perfect for company BBQs and corporate fun days.

Is there a delivery charge for you mobile laser clay shooting hire service?

If your event is in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire or West Sussex there is no delivery charge. If your event is further afield, there is a delivery charge, this is at cost and very reasonable.

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