Quad Bikes

We use Yamaha Grizzlies, a 125cc fully automatic all terrain vehicle (to you and I – a fun, simple and safe quad bike).

Guests are put into teams and given full instruction on the safe operation of the quad bikes. This is a strictly over the age of 16 activity, although no previous driving experience is required.

Participants are then show the course they must negotiate, consisting of various simple challenges and obstacles: changing the flag, limbo, ramp, slalom, bridge build, decipher. This is very much a skill based event and no time trials!

Under the guidance of our instructors teams will give full tuition, practice laps and a competition round.


This event typically requires a venue with an outdoor area of approximately 120′ x 120′ (though smaller areas can be accommodated).

We’ve worked in a wide variety of hotels, sports clubs and private grounds and would be happy to recommend a suitable venue near you.

What's Included?

Archery Event Hire FAQs

How does the archery event hire work?

We operate an entertaining, informative and competitive target archery experience. Archery sessions will vary in the time they run for but it is normally dictated by the time you have available and guest numbers. On arrival, participants will be introduced to their archery instructor who will give a short health & safety brief followed by an introduction to the equipment you will be using and the intended purpose: re-curve bows, arrows, targets, safety net, arm guard etc. You will then be given instruction for the correct use of all the equipment followed by practice round, all the time under the guidance of your archery instructor. Once you and your fellow participants have gained some knowledge and experience your archery instructor will run a competition format. This is designed to be competitive yet fun and an opportunity to hone skills learnt.

How many people shoot at a time?

After your initial brief we have four adults shooting at a time. For young children we run a one to one tuition.

Do you bring your mobile archery hire to our chosen venue?

We travel to your chosen venue with all equipment necessary to run a successful archery event and experience. If you don’t have a venue please let us know your brief and we will source one for you.

What are the requirements for the archery hire at our chosen venue?

We require a flat level grassed area of 25 metres x 10 metres. Obviously you may well have other requirements for food, drink accommodation etc. We regularly wok at hotels and sports grounds throughout the UK.

I’ve attended one of your target archery events, I now want to take up the sport!

There is a massive array of options, you have tried target archery but now you have other types of archery available to you: field archery, clout shooting, flight shooting. Contact your local archery club, there will be one close by. A very good resource, Archery GB is a great starting point they will be able to point you in the direction of your nearest club and have lots of useful information.

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